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Duplex Home Builder Melbourne

Duplex Home Builder Melbourne

Duplex Home Builder Melbourne: Destin Constructions is one of the best options if you’re looking for a Duplex Home Builder in Melbourne that can maximize the value of your land. We have been designing and building duplex homes in Melbourne for over two decades and have a wealth of experience helping homeowners get the best value from their property. Most of our clients come to us through word-of-mouth. We have an experience of more than 20 years in Melbourne as professional duplex home builders in Melbourne

Destin Construction is a custom Duplex Home Builder in Melbourne

Building or adding a duplex is a low-cost way of adding value to your existing home site as well as increasing house density in established older suburbs of Melbourne.

Destin Constructions is a leading duplex home builder in Melbourne having design options that help transform an ordinary house into a fully customized duplex home. Our specialist team has a wealth of expertise and experience to guide you through your duplex building project.


Why choose Destin Construction as a Duplex Home Builder in Melbourne

As a Duplex Home Builder, Destin Construction promises you the best quality homes at reasonable costs. Duplex homes are fast becoming an affordable housing solution for a wide variety of living situations. Duplex home designs are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne, as they offer a great way to save space and money. There are many different duplex home designs available, so you can easily find one to suit your needs and budget. Duplexes are also a great investment, as they can be easily rented out to tenants. If you are thinking of building a duplex in Melbourne, be sure to check out the many different designs available. Whether you need: additional space for your extended family members, looking to generate some extra rental income, or are a keen investor, duplexes can double your home’s potential!


Duplex home plans are a great way to save money and space. By having two separate living spaces, you can have twice the square footage for half the price. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of having a neighbor close by in case you need anything. Whether you’re looking for a starter home or a forever home, a duplex is a great option.


Destin Construction assures you of the most cost-effective duplex house construction cost in Melbourne. We help our clients with the complete duplex home building process from start to successful finishing of the duplex home. 

Ready to build a new duplex home design but not sure where to start? Read through our easy 6-step process or get in touch with our Duplex division where one of our specialists can work with you to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Duplex Home Builder Process in Melbourne

Our Duplex Home Builder team in Melbourne will guide you through every step of the way. We’ve put together a user’s guide to give you a little insight into the timeline for a typical home build.

STAGE 1: Select Your Home

This is the beginning of your duplex home construction journey and our experienced and helpful new home consultants specialize in understanding your needs so they can deliver the right solution for you.

STAGE 2 : Requesting a Tender

During this stage we will spend the time with you to understand all tender inclusions. This enables us to provide one final and fixed price up front, inclusive of all your requirements throughout the build.

STAGE 3: Drawings and Contracts


This is the inspiring part when you see your vision begin to come to life. At this stage, you will be assigned a pre-construction administrator who will work with you throughout the process. They will act as your dedicated build liaison, right up to the time we start building your home.

 After your exterior selections, we prepare detailed plans of your chosen home design and façade in readiness for the next stage.


Upon signing off your final home plan drawings (Submission Plans) we prepare all necessary paperwork for lodgement through council or a private certifier.


After sign-off, we prepare your building contract documentation for you to sign prior to lodgment to council or a private certifier.


STAGE 4 : Selections and Approvals


This is one of the most exciting stages where you will meet your expert colour and electrical consultants to help you choose the interior finishes that will work best in your new home.


This is where your pre-construction administrator will do all the hard work for you and will follow up and advise when approvals are received from all external parties.


The final step in this process is the review. This is where we guide you through all the final details to ensure everything is clear and understood by all parties.

STAGE 5 : Construction


Your official site construction will begin, from the laying of your slab to the completion of your home. At this point you will meet your site manager who will take care of all the aspects of your build and keep you informed along the way.


STAGE 6 : Handover


We will walk through a personal inspection of your new home. Your site manager will go over all required information and talk you through everything you need to know.


We complete a final inspection to ensure all items in your walk-through checklist have been addressed.


Once you submit your list your warranty manager will visit you at your home to ensure that everything is delivering on your expectations and to the quality standard of Destin Constructions.

Types Of Duplex Home Building in Melbourne

A duplex home is a type of building construction that consists of two homes that are attached to each other. Dual occupancy builds are becoming increasingly popular as a way to maximize land usage and create additional dwelling units. These developments can be either attached or detached and usually involve two dwelling units on one lot of land.

There are many benefits of building duplex homes, including the ability to create additional income streams, increased density, and the utilization of under-utilized land. These duplex home developments can also help to create a more vibrant and diverse community.

There are a few things to consider before undertaking a dual occupancy development, such as planning approval, building approval, and the potential for increased noise and traffic. However, with careful planning and consideration, dual occupancy developments can be a great way to create additional dwelling units and improve the density of our communities. There are several different duplex home styles built by builders, some of the popular duplex home layouts are as follows:

  • Side-by-side Duplexes: A side-by-side duplex home is a great investment for those looking to build and rent out one side of the duplex and live on the other side of the dual-living home. This type of home allows for privacy and independence for both tenants and the landlord. Additionally, side-by-side duplexes typically have a lower monthly mortgage payment than single-family homes, making them a more affordable option.
  • Stacked Duplexes: Stacked duplex construction is a type of duplex home building construction in which two or more duplexes are built on top of each other. This type of construction is often used in urban areas of Melbourne where space is limited. Stacked duplexes offer many benefits, including increased density, reduced construction costs, and increased privacy.
  • Row Duplexes: Row duplex construction is a type of duplex construction in which two homes are built side-by-side, sharing a common wall. This type of duplex home construction is typically seen being built in urban areas, where land is at a premium. Row duplexes offer a number of advantages over other types of construction, including a smaller footprint and increased density. Additionally, row duplex homes can be built to blend in with the surrounding architecture, making them a good choice for areas with strict zoning regulations.

Each type of duplex home living has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before choosing to build this type of construction for your home. Destin Construction is a local duplex builder in Melbourne established in 1980 in Victoria. We promise you the most reasonable dual occupancy home prices in Melbourne. We help you build single-storey dual occupancy homes.

Duplex home building construction types can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Load-bearing: Load-bearing construction is the more traditional duplex home building style, and involves constructing walls out of solid masonry or concrete 
  • Framed: Framed construction, on the other hand, involves building a skeletal frame out of lumber or steel for the duplex home, and then attaching walls to this frame.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both load-bearing and framed construction duplex home build types:

  • Load-bearing construction: is typically more expensive and labour-intensive, but it results in a more durable and energy-efficient home. 
  • Framed construction: is less expensive and faster to build, but it is not as strong or energy-efficient as load-bearing construction.


 Ultimately, the best construction types for a duplex home and the best dual occupancy designs depend on the specific needs and preferences of the homeowners. If cost is the primary concern, then framed construction may be the best duplex home building option. If durability and energy efficiency are the main priorities, then load-bearing construction is the better choice for building your duplex home.

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